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3 Agustus 2020

Management Of Informants In Handling Corruption By The Corruption Criminal Investigation Unit Of The Lebak District Police

Pratama Fauzy, Chairul Muriman Setyabudi. Page: 1-10 ABSTRACT The incapacity of the Indonesian National Police to find out all information about corruption in certain areas and […]
3 Agustus 2020

The Influence Of Organizational Climate And Work Motivation On The Performance Of Samsat Members Of The Madiun District

Manurung Jimmy, page 11-29 ABSTRACT The aims of this study is to investigate the factors that affect performance, and specifically to analyze the influence of the […]
3 Agustus 2020

Effect Of Preliminary Data On Psychological Selection And Police Women School Foster Officer On The Success Offormation Of The Characteristics Of “Kebhayangkaraan” Of Women’s Police School Students

Pasaribu Frinsiska,page 30-50 ABSTRACT This research examines the factors that influence the formation of the “kebhayangkaraan1” character of female students. This research was conducted by conducting […]
3 Agustus 2020

The Influence Of Blue Code Of Silence On Whistleblowing (Internal Reporting) In Personnel Of Semarang Police Resort Criminal Investigation

Lumban Raja Robinson,  Resandro Handriajati, page 51-74 ABSTRACT The performance of Indonesian National Police according to public view is still far from good mark because there […]
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